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creative genius semester

Study environment

The study environment on the Creative Genius semester will most likely be new to everyone - including students from Aalborg University. It is a unique learning environment that enhances creativity, originality and the potential for making an impact in your field of study. In the following you can read about some of the activities related to the learning environment.

Problem Based Learning with strong focus on creativity

  • This semester expands on the Problem Based Learning model by integrating key principles from The 3D DidacticThe Creative Platform and the Training Program for New Thinking. These principles are central for creating an open and creative environment where it is easier for students to apply their knowledge because they get the required confidence to dare, concentration to be and motivation to do. The continuous training of abilities in creativity, originality and persuasion helps important abilities for becoming a creative genius. We are not only talking about creative genius - we are actually training to for becoming so. This gives a dynamic and interesting study environment where new ideas are everyday experiences.

Continous training in creativity

  • A unique part of the semester is the strong focus on becoming more creative. Your creativity is primarily enhanced through a continous training that will start on your first day on the semester and continue on a regular basis until the semester is over. You will learn to continue this training after the semester stops. The training will have a positive effect on your long term ability to be naturally creative and creative on command. The training will also have a positive effect on the study environment in your everyday studies. The atmosphere in class and in collaborative work will be more energetic, positive, flexible, and creative. 


  • The teaching during the semester will be a mix of lecturing, individual work, colloborative work and practical exercices. All literature is used for reflection after the respective teaching and lecturing. This means that you never read literature before clases. Also it is not possible to read ahead. This is to increase awareness on the subjects we cover on an everyday teaching.

Collaborative work on individual assignments

  • By working in a cross disciplinary environment you have the opportunity to develop your profession with inspiration from all the other professions representet in class. You will both be working alone and in different cross-disciplinary groups, however, focus will always be on YOUR development as a creative genius in your profession and how you can make an impact in your profession. A number of days during the semester there will be a guided collaborative work. You will also have to selforganise collaborative work in classes and outside of classes.

Active participation

  • On this semester we expect you to participate every day in all activities including creativity training, lectures, assignments and practical exercises as well as collaborative work. Module 1, 2 and 3 are assessed through active participation. Students must participate in minimum 80% of classes in order to pass these modules. This is because participation is central for most of the learning that takes place in these modules. It will be very difficult to "read up" on these subjects at home.

You as a facilitator

  • At the creative genius semester you will be both a student and a facilitator. After an introduction period you will get familiar with the study environment. Now you will try to facilitate creative processes, creativity training, and lecturing a creativity subject of own choice. This will help you develop as a creative genius and as a facilitator of creative environments, groups and organisations.

Student from previous class say:

"I was looking for a study programme that would give me a different perspective over creativity and originality, and will add some new tools into my “Urban planner” toolkit. I also liked a lot the fact that the programme welcomes students from various backgrounds, gives freedom, but also a structure within which to develop your abilities."

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