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Creative Genius semester


During the Creative Genius semester you will be working on one (or more) problem(s) related to your field of study from the bachelor/master program. The problem can take point of departure in an existing organisation, in a company you want to start up, in an environmental topic, a theoretical topic, a social topic, an artistic topic or most other topics depending on your field of study.

Theoretical or practical problem

  • You can define your own theoretical or practical problem within your field of study and work on it using the new methods you learn on Creative Genius. This will give you the chance to renew thinking and doing in your field. Maybe you use the Creative Genius semester as a first part of your final thesis (10. semester).

Long Master Thesis

  • You can use the Creative Genius semester to start your master thesis and that way use 1 year to do your master. That will help you to adapt the creative methods to the work in your profession.

Collaborating with an organisation

  • It is possible to collaborate with a privat or public organisation as part of the semester. The collaboration will have similarities to an internship, however, the work method will be very different. The main point of having a collaboration with an organisation is to work on a problem from real life. The problem is defined in collaboration between you and the organisation and you will make the impact in that organisation. If you choose to collaborate with an organisation you will be a creative genius on a problem from that organisation (still it has to relate to your field of study). It may be a good idea to establish the collaboration with an organisation before you start on this semester, however, it is not obligatory.

Social or environmental impact

  • You may want to make a social or environmental impact. It may be in relation to helping a particular kind of animals, solving a problem related to pollution or helping people in need.

Starting your own company

  • It is possible to start your own company as part of the Creative Genius semester. Hereby your problem area will be related to developing a new idea for a product, service, organisation, finance, ethic, etc. The impact could hereby be related to starting the company. It may be a company that you recently started or a company that you plan to start.

Your study board may have a say

  • It is important to understand that your study board may define conditions for you joining the Creative Genius semester. This may be a condition related to collaborating with an organisation, working on a particular theoretical or practical problem, or a specific topic you have to focus on. If such a condition is made you will have to follow this during the semester.