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creative genius semester


If your have any questions regarding the Creative Genius semester please do not hesitate to ask. Below you will find the contact information of the study coordinator of the semester and the information on academic staff.

Study secretarIES
  • Helle Arenshøj, Telephone: +45 99 40 82 63, Fibigerstræde 4, rum 101A, DK-9220 Aalborg OE
  • Email: info@creativegenius.aau.dk
Academic staff

Students from previous class say:

"The Creative Genius semester helped me to better understand not just to my own creativity but also to be more open and tolerant towards other peoples' ideas and suggestions. Søren and Christian are great teachers and I enjoyed every day spent at class. This semester gave me a lot - not just on professional level but on personal development level as well. Being part of the Creative genius semester was an amazing and unique experience that I would recommend to everybody!"

"Even though I decided to join the CG semester in search of something new, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. It ended up by being the best experience in my master's. I've acquired skills that will accompany me throughout my life in all aspects, professional and personal. It definitely broadens your perspective. Teaches you how to put into use all your knowledge and mostly how to awake the numb creativity within you. By the end of CG you'll have a better understanding of what creativity really is and fade out its misrepresentation."

"I had always wanted to study out of my field for the purpose of acquiring new knowledge and versatile skills. My experience at CG was very unique and exceeded my expectations. Not only did I achieve my objective but CG has contributed so much in enabling me understand myself better both on an academic and professional level, through tools and techniques on how to focus, think and examine problems creatively which I have incorporated in my studies and will do so in my future career. I would recommend this program to everyone."

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